Acquaintance with online properties and marketing channels

In 2006 – 07, a time when Google was evolving as a brand name for search and investing a premium price to buy advertising channels & platforms like Youtube, Double Click – excited  us to investigate about Google, unknowingly fell in love with SEO, which is the outcome of core values at Google search.

We treated Google as a library and started analysing the ways it filters and retries data and serves results for visitor coming from various locations. (In simple, a librarian cannot serve the same book to a visitor from different parts of the City/ Country/ World, if it has to do it, there has to a logic, a research happening at the back of our mind.

A step further, SEO helped to discover rich content, enhancing our skills in various channels of online marketing, branding and analytics, added as a top up to our core sales & marketing experience.

Leveraging this experience, started PeakLadder, helping business to build and establish online, increase brand awareness and scale up to reach global markets.

We Work Fast

The exposure gained working with business across various industries, helps to learn about your business goals, do the research and come up with a strategy to fulfill your short and long term goals.

Superior Service

Our experience helps to analyze customer expectations, we build a process in place to keep updating client on a regular basis and be available to answer their questions with in few hours.

Creative Ideas

Staying in touch with customers is vital to explore every possibility to generate leads. Our marketing approach helps to decrease acquisition cost, maximize ROI and explore chances of video content going viral.

Competitive Pricing

With our process approach in place, we could offer economical pricing that could help you to get started, optimize traffic and maximize your leads, a win-win business relation.

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